Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre

Alma is very happy to support the Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre in Bolivia!

Located in the region of El Alto, Bolivia, the centre provides a space where kids can go after school to eat lunch, get help with their homework, receive academic tutoring, and have a safe place to wait for their parents to get home from work.

Alma is hiring two educators to work in the youth center. Here the teachers will provide tutoring and homework assistance to the 56 children attending the centre, ranging in age from 5 to 17. Alma will also provide school supplies for the centre. By hiring full time teachers, the parents and Alma hope to increase the number of children attending the project to over 100 children.

The Tahuantinsuyo Youth Center is extremely important in this community. This centre not only provides a high quality education, but helps children escape the cycle of poverty and crime. Alma is very happy to support the parents and the children of Tahuantinsuyo!

To learn more about this project, please visit the project page here.


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