Current Projects


The “Biblioteca” project in Huadhua aims to improve the community’s 29 primary school students’ educational performance by offering reinforcement workshops in the afternoon. The workshops will take advantage of working outside of regular school hours by complementing the more formal education students receive in the classroom with a fun, creative, and flexible model reinforcing reading […]

Teacher Training Program

The success of original education projects based on local indigenous knowledge is very much dependant on the creative and analytical abilities of our teachers.  Finding high-quality teachers with the ability to think “outside-the-box” in a manner completely different from how they were raised, educated and trained is a challenge. “Specialists, as much as ordinary citizens […]

Las Palmeras Project

Las Palmeras was founded in 2014 by 42 young families from various regions including Potosí, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz who moved into the jungle searching for land to cultivate. Being comprised of both indigenous and campesino peoples, the community is registered as “intercultural” and, due to its recent founding, still does not have access to […]

San Martin de Porres

San Martin de Porres is a very isolated community in the San Andres district of the amazon region of Bolivia. San Martin consists of 25 families whose main economic activities are subsistence agriculture and fishing. There is no access to running water or electricity. In this community we created an education reinforcement program to bring […]