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Alma in the “NORMAL” NEW

In Bolivia, there is only one way to become a public school teacher: by graduating from the state-run public universities for teachers, collectively known as the “Normal”. This year we began working with both students and professors from the two Normal campuses in Beni and the three in Tarija. Both groups are learning to use […]

Alma Coordinators

I get uncomfortable talking about impacts that can’t be measured objectively. It feels like the old western traveling salesmen who would sell miracle potions – all talk and no proof – except I’m selling social/educational impact instead of magic cures. But in this case, because it’s a blog and not an evaluation, I’ll allow myself […]

Full Circle CEREDUC

I remember years ago, sitting and waiting for hours just to speak with an educational administrator of an isolated province. In fact, I can recall various plastic chairs where I parked myself, intent on getting a meeting with someone who never heard of Alma and at the moment had better things to do. Therefore, it’s […]