How we help

Alma empowers children in Peru and Bolivia by creating and implementing education projects which develop critical thinking, encourage creativity and promote harmonious values. Our unique curriculum is based 100% on local indigenous wisdom and culture. We created it and refined it over the past decade. Between 2010 and 2020 we completed 57 projects and were managing 26 programs when COVID-19 came to Peru and Bolivia.

Current Projects

This year, 2021, we are continuing the remote learning, virtual classrooms and emotional well-being training programs for public school teachers we started at the request of local authorities last year when COVID-19 came. We are halfway through a two year contract with the region of Beni in Bolivia (8,500 teachers) and have just started a two year contract with the region of Cusco in Peru (towards 20,000 teachers). In Cusco we worked with one municipality in 2020 and will be in as many as 14 this year. We will resume our community projects, in a scaled down fashion, once those communities open up again.

Partner Projects

Over the years we have encountered individuals or very small organizations doing unique and meaningful projects with marginalized children in the regions of Peru and Bolivia where we work. We manage several projects in conjunction with these partners whereby we sponsor the educational component of their work.


Completed Projects

Our long-term goal is to help educate the young people in our communities so that our work is eventually not needed. Every project has an expected outcome and timeframe. When there is a potential revenue source, the project can be self-sustaining within three to four years, and where we have partnered with the Ministry of Education we also aim to have our support ended (and the Ministry fully committed) within three years.