How we help

Alma empowers children in Latin America by providing education projects which develop critical thinking, encourage creativity and improve reading comprehension. We currently have 29 education projects in Peru and Bolivia. Each project is catered to the communities greatest educational need. Our projects fall into 5 categories:

Each project page includes a short description of each project along with the actual project plan and the most recent updates written by our program director in Peru or our partner there. For a review of our previous work, please see our Five Year Annual Report.

We are very grateful to our donors who have taken on the funding responsibility of particular projects and helped ensure that our support is sustainable.


Completed Projects

Our long term goal is to help educate the young people in our communities so that our work is eventually not needed.

Every project has an expected outcome and timeframe. When there is a potential revenue source, the project can be self-sustaining within three to four years, and where we have partnered with the Ministry of Education we also aim to have our support ended (and the Ministry fully committed) within three years. As such, we have successfully “completed” many projects.