Partner Projects

Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre (Bolivia)

The Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre provides a safe space in a very rough neighbourhood in El Alto Bolivia where kids can go after school to eat lunch, get help with homework, receive academic tutoring, and wait for their parents to get home from work. Alma pays for two teachers who provide tutoring and homework assistance to the […]

Alma Kids

Alma Kids is a new initiative by Alma, focused on inspiring children in Toronto to make a difference. Alma Kids will participate in leadership development events where they learn how to make an impact abroad as well as in their local communities. They will have the opportunity to communicate in Spanish with children from Latin […]

Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre

Alma is very happy to support the Tahuantinsuyo Youth Centre in Bolivia! Located in the region of El Alto, Bolivia, the centre provides a space where kids can go after school to eat lunch, get help with their homework, receive academic tutoring, and have a safe place to wait for their parents to get home from […]

Alalay Foundation (Bolivia)

It is estimated that in Bolivia there are approximately 800,000 children living in the streets: boys, girls, and teenagers who have partially or totally broken with their family ties and who live – in the absolute sense of the word – in the streets. The Alalay Foundation, a Bolivian charity has been working with this […]

Manos Unidas Inclusive Education Program (Peru)

Only 4% of children with disabilities in Cusco receive a formal education. Manos Unidas is a registered Peruvian Non-Profit Organization that founded the first and only private/non-for-profit school for Special Education in Cusco, el “Centro de Educacion Basica Especial Particular “Camino Nuevo” in 2009. Manos Unida’s mission is to maximize the abilities and potential of […]

El Manguaré (Peru)

El Manguaré was founded in 2009 with the mission to better the quality of life of children in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of the city of Iquitos. Iquitos is the capital city of the region of Loreto (Amazon jungle region), which is the poorest performing region in Peru in reading comprehension and mathematical reasoning. There […]

Asociación La Restinga – Academic Reinforcement Project (Peru)

The Asociación La Restinga works towards the improvement of educational quality and graduation rates in the Belen neighbourhood of Iquitos, Peru. Each year the project runs seven teacher training workshops, weekly classroom evaluations, weekly student academic reinforcement workshops (two times per week, lasting three hours each), and four parent workshops. The hired teachers also visit the […]

Teacher Training Program

The success of original education projects based on local indigenous knowledge is very much dependant on the creative and analytical abilities of our teachers.  Finding high-quality teachers with the ability to think “outside-the-box” in a manner completely different from how they were raised, educated and trained is a challenge. “Specialists, as much as ordinary citizens […]