Our Team

Program Director: Ian McGroarty


Ian graduated from the Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business with a B.S. in Economics, a minor in International Business, and a focus in International, Development and Transition Economics. After working in both New York City and Washington DC in development related NGO´s and foundations, he moved to Peru in 2009. Since then Ian has worked in the creation and implementation of community, education and economic development projects as the General Coordinator of Nexos Voluntarios in Urubamba  and as an Economic Development Project Coordinator in the District Municipality of Maras. Ian began working for Alma on July 20, 2011 managing our direct community programs and developing new projects in very remote villages.


Project Coordinator: Octavio Quispe Checca

Octavio (2)

Octavio is from the town of Huancarara, in Paruro province, Peru. He completed his higher education studies at the Valle Grande Institute in Cañete, Lima, Peru. Following graduation, he worked three years as a classroom teacher for the Pro Rural Schools. Octavio joined the Alma team two years ago, as a classroom teacher for our Colcha Biblioteca project. He now works with our Project Manager Ian, as a Project Coordinator for the Cusco Region.


Project Coordinator: Raquel Vásquez Hidalgo

Raquel (003)

Raquel graduated from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon with a degree in Economics. She worked on the Education Project agreement between the Ministry of Education and the INEI, in the supervision of Educational Institutions at the primary level, for the communities of the Requena and Maquía Rio Puinahua district. She worked in the project of Inclusive Rural Businesses (NRI), where she provided technical assistance in the high and low stream communities of the Trompeteros district. Raquel has joined the Alma team as a Project Coordinator in the Loreto region of Peru.


Project Coordinator: Kathe Köhler Arteaga

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Katherine graduated from the Autonomous University of Beni with a degree in Tourism. She also studied Environmental Management. Since 2009, she has worked in the Prefecture of Beni and the Municipal Autonomous Government of the Holy Trinity in tourism promotion. In  2013, she became the Director of Tourism for Beni. This role provided her experience managing projects and working with local communities for the development of regional tourism. Katherine joined Alma’s team in late January 2017 as our Project Coordinator for Bolivia.