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Alma Kids is a new initiative by Alma, focused on inspiring children in Toronto to make a difference. Alma Kids will participate in leadership development events where they learn how to make an impact abroad as well as in their local communities. They will have the opportunity to communicate in Spanish with children from Latin America and become inspired to make a difference while also having fun with friends.

Through Alma Kids, we will enable a group of children to put their creativity and critical thinking into action, while simultaneously building connections between children in different parts of the world. From this, we hope that Alma Kids participants will share experiences and learn from one another through cultural exchange
and communication.

Alma Kids



  • Leadership Development Activities
    Alma Kids will get together with a facilitator to discuss relevant topics, role play and support their own points of view, create consensus and draw conclusions.
  • Communications Workshop & Publishing Opportunities
    Alma Kids will participate in a writing workshop to help them learn how to story tell, write blogs and choose videos to post on our Alma Kids web page.
  • Local Community Impact Activites
    Do you want your child to become a compassionate leader? These activities will focus on helping your child build compassion. Whether it is helping children who are sick or baking cupcakes for those less fortunate, your child will have the opportunity to learn, reflect and care for others.
  • Global Impact Activities 
    Alma Kids will participate in activities that make an impact abroad.  For example, they will have the opportunity to complete
    crafts and cards to send to children in Peru through our Amigos de Alma program .
  • Financial Literacy Workshop 
    Building financial literacy in children can help reinforce the importance of saving and setting goals. For Financial Literacy
    Month, Alma Kids will  join a Scotiabank representative in a Financial Literacy Workshop where they will learn, set goals and create action plans for success.
  • Team Building Activities
    The kids will be exposed to team building activities where they will be able to learn the importance to work as a team and the values of doing things as a family. They will be invited to a Parent Movie Night event where the kids will work together to prepare the pizza, cookies and hold a fun Alma Kids & Family get together. Other team building activities include the Alma Kids Holiday Party, Dia del Nino party, and the Almathon race and games day.

You can register to participate in Alma Kids here.

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