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Rodrigo’s Mom

Who doesn’t love good news? When in a parents meeting in Monte Cristo recently, the mother and father of one of our students from last year’s project stood up and explained how their son, Rodrigo, got into nursing school earlier this year! Last year’s project in Monte Cristo had three areas of focus: computer science, […]

Supporting the 4% – Manos Unidas

Only 4% of children with special needs in Cusco receive formal education. Alma supports Manos Unidas because they are working to change this statistic every day. Started in 2008, they are the first non-profit education centre for children with special needs. As my sister had special needs, this cause has always been very close to […]

World Peace Day at Alma

September 21st is the United Nation’s International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day. Alma’s projects focus not only on critical and creative thinking but on harmonious values as well. And when we follow the trails of values such as honesty, respect, generosity, and taking care of the environment and people around you, we […]

Volley for Alma

On August 14th, Alma’s Young Leaders held their first #Volley4Alma Beach Volleyball Tournament. We are thrilled to say the tournament was a huge success! The Young Leaders recruited 10 teams and over 55 participants to play at Ashbridges Bay. Each team represented one of Alma’s education projects in Peru and Bolivia. The winner of the tournament […]

Another successful Alma Annual Party!

Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made our Alma Annual Party a huge success! With over 300 tickets sold, Alma was able to raise over $40,000 for our education projects in Peru and Bolivia! The party consisted of delicious Peruvian Cuisine, amazing salsa lessons by Loudes and music by the award-winning DJ […]

An Inspiring Evening with Arlene Dickinson

Full disclosure: I’ve never watched a complete episode of “Dragon’s Den”.  That said, I had always heard wonderful things about Arlene Dickinson and when I met her a couple of years ago all those second hand comments were confirmed. She’s a really nice, smart and generous person. Offering her self up to do a fundraising […]


Philip von Hahn is a recent graduate of Williams College in the US, where he rowed crew and majored in medieval history, winning an award for his thesis on ninth century royal biographies. It turns out they are rather complicated. A Toronto native, he attended high school at Upper Canada College, spending summers canoe-tripping and […]

Congratulations Karina

A month ago we heard the great news that one of our Alma Alumni girls, Karina, was accepted on a full scholarship to study Environmental Engineering at the University of Medellin in Colombia! Her acceptance in the government sponsored Beca 18 program, which covers 100% of tuition, school supplies, travel, and room and board for […]

Meet Gabriel from Manos Unidos

When I was at Camino Nuevo (run by our partner Manos Unidas) in Cusco last Fall I met this really cute little guy named Gabriel. Gabriel came to Camino Nuevo on his mother’s back when he was three years old and not yet talking. His Mom begged the teachers to teach him to talk. Apparently […]

4 New Boys in Manos Unidas Project

James, Yoshua, Milton and Fabrizio were the four newest participants of our Inclusion program, starting the full inclusion program at CEIP “Piagetano” in the 5 year old class in March. Three of the four boys are on the autism spectrum with a range of cognitive and social abilities. The experience confirmed our theory of ” […]

Country Walkers awards Alma with top prize!

Last December, we were excited and honoured to be one of three charities chosen by Country Walkers for their 35th Anniversary celebration. Country Walkers is a worldwide tour operator based in Vermont. In honour of their 35th anniversary, they decided to donate a total of $35,000 to three charities and Alma was one of the lucky […]

Meet Veronica from Mosoq Runa

Veronica is in 6th grade and has been living in Mosoq Runa for four years now with her two brothers. When Veronica first arrived, her academic level was very low. With the support provided, her overall level has been improving, although her reading comprehension improving less rapidly. Recently, Veronica has been attending the academic reinforcement […]

Meet Melanie and Maribel from Manos Unidos

Meet Melanie (6 years old) and Maribel (7 years old) who are included for their first year in Velasco Astete 2nd grade classroom. Melanie and Maribel both came to Camino Nuevo with little to no verbal speech, very shy immersed in their own worlds. Neither child took notice in the other children or showed interest in interacting […]

Volunteer Profile: Olga Melnikova

  If you’ve noticed that we’re much more active on Facebook and posting blogs a lot more regularly these days, it’s because we’ve got a fantastic volunteer helping us out!  Olga Melnikova joined the Alma volunteer team last year after hearing about us through a friend.       Here’s what Olga had to say […]

Meet Alexandra and Roger from Centro Yanay

Ver abajo texto original en Español. Alexandra Pompilla This girl was captured by the police for human trafficking.  According to her life story she was abandoned by her mother, together with her five siblings. She was the second-born and her older sister had a baby at age 16, and she also left her son in […]

How Alma Does It

It is easy for people to understand the “why” for an organization like Alma, but sometimes the “how” can be a bit more difficult to explain. Program Director, Ian McGroarty, put together a brief video explaining how Alma develops its projects.  I hope this helps to answer the “how” for you. We want to hear from […]

El primer Cóctel y Sesión Informativa en Peru

El día 27 de Marzo del presente año, se llevo a cabo el Cóctel y Sesión Informativa sobre la Fundación Alma con el fin de dar a conocer el trabajo educativo que realizan en Cusco. En esta oportunidad Ian McGroarty, quien se encarga de la coordinación de los proyectos en Alma,  expuso el trabajo que […]

Meet Pamela and Osman

Alalay is one of our partner projects in Bolivia.  Alalay supports over 120 street kids, aged 6 to 14, offering them a place to live, and helps them re-enter the school system by providing academic support, as well as uniforms and school materials. Pamela and Osman are two of Alalay’s students. Pamela Pamela is a pretty […]