Project Updates

¡Don Chinese!

Lo llamo así de cariño, es el “personaje” del Municipio de San Andrés. Llevo viajando con él por más de un año. Tiene 75 años, pero nadie se lo cree; nos parece que todavía es un hombre fuerte para la edad que dice tener. Es gracioso porque cada vez que viene Ian a visitarnos a […]

Alan’s Road Trip

We set out from Trini at 3 AM in a pickup truck owned by the Municipality. Our group for this road trip is our project manager Kathe, our program director Ian, and two staff people from the Municipality – Raquel and the driver “El Chino”. One of the reasons we have had success here is […]

Meet Elizabeth from San Martin

The hot, dusty community of San Martin feels empty and forgotten and a million miles away from anything (in fact it is only a four-hour drive from Trini but somehow feels even more remote than our other communities). When we arrived we saw no one. I managed to get sick last night so I am […]

Meet Heidy from Sariry

Heidy is seven years old and is in the second grade of school in Tilata. She is a very affectionate girl. In her family, she has her mother, stepfather and two sisters. She can get in fights with her sisters. Her older sister is a teenager and her younger sister is only three years old. […]

There are difficulties, but we are getting there

I left at dawn towards the province of Canchi – Sicuani district of Combapata to the community of Tucsa. Tucsa is a community far away from the city where car traffic is almost unheard of. But for the Alma Foundation it is not impossible to reach these places as we are always eager to bring […]

Meet Edison from Sariry

Edison is a 5 year old boy in the first grade of school. He comes from a family which is separated. His father works in the department of Cochabamba and his mother is in Brazil. Because of this, Edison and his three brothers live with their aunt. Edison entered Sariry with malnutrition. Now, he has […]

New Lacco Computer Project

As technology becomes ever more integral in all levels of education and in every aspect of daily life, children without access to technological education are increasingly disadvantaged. When added to the many economic and social obstacles already present for children from rural indigenous communities in Peru, the lack of access to technology is detrimental to […]

New Cotoca Computer Project

In 2016, we ran a very successful primary school academic reinforcement project in the small community of Cotoca. Cotoca is in the San Andres district of Beni, Bolivia. This year, we are building on that success by implementing our computer program in the secondary school. We want to develop the student’s computer skills and reinforce reading […]

Meet Yareli from La Manguita

Yareli is a seven-year-old student from the community of La Manguita in Bolivia. She is currently living with her grandparents because her parents work at a cattle farm where there is no school. The cattle farm is a five-hour horse ride from the community. Her parents visit her only once per month due to the distance […]

Soccer in Abtao

It was hot, as it tends to be in the Amazon, when we arrived in Abtao. But what made this different is that we had spent the last 44 hours on a boat, so the sticky heat made us yearn for a nice shower more than normal. Abtao is one of five new communities along […]

Strike Attendance

Teachers went on strike recently in Cusco. I’m not sure what this one was about as I hadn’t heard it announced on the radio as they usually are. I only found out when I pulled into Tucsa at over 4,000 meters above sea level, where we have a long running biblioteca project with the primary […]

New Technology Project

Alma is happy to announce that we have started a new education project in the community of Chumpe. Alma is implementing computer classes within the primary school of the Chumpe campesino community located in the Marcapata District of Quispicanchi, Cusco. Here, we will work with 25 students from 5th and 6th grade to develop computer skills, […]


It’s always nice to meet up with friends. On Monday I was in Huadhua to kickoff this year’s Biblioteca project there, and had the chance spend the morning with all of the parents and students. As I had not seen everyone together since our project closing in December, I was excited to catch up with […]

New Projects in Peru

We want to get to even more remote communities in the Amazon and our project manager in the Peruvian jungle, Raquel, has been telling us about the Requena region. It is a full two days by boat from Iquitos but worth the trip. Wonderful people living in a beautiful natural setting. They only have primary […]