Sariry – Bolivia

Meet Heidy from Sariry

Heidy is seven years old and is in the second grade of school in Tilata. She is a very affectionate girl. In her family, she has her mother, stepfather and two sisters. She can get in fights with her sisters. Her older sister is a teenager and her younger sister is only three years old. […]

Meet Edison from Sariry

Edison is a 5 year old boy in the first grade of school. He comes from a family which is separated. His father works in the department of Cochabamba and his mother is in Brazil. Because of this, Edison and his three brothers live with their aunt. Edison entered Sariry with malnutrition. Now, he has […]

Sariry – 2016 Review

  Impact measurement is extremely important to Alma. To learn about the impact measurements and success stories from the Sariry project in 2016, please review the Document H. If you have any questions about the project, please email

Sariry Foundation (Bolivia)

In the Tilata neighbourhood, outside of the city of El Alto, Alma supports the Sariry Foundation, a small organization (we are one of only three supporters of Sariry) that cares for the educational and personal development of 500 children who live in the area. The Sariry Foundation works with at-risk youths in their own classrooms […]

Children of Sariry

*Ver abajo texto original en Espanol Some of the youngest kids in the community, less than 6 years old, who attend the Sariry program, have parents who, out of economic necessity, have had to leave for other places in search of work, leaving the young children in the care of their grandmothers. When these kids […]


        *Ver abajo texto original en Español To benefit from the winter winds, kids from the Sariry Foundation, and the community, interacted in the holidays, constructing kites (also called comets). It was fun because they had to recover traditional games and make use of their creativity, imagination, perseverance, and independence in order […]

Sariry Foundation – Final activities to conclude 2014 efforts

Haga clic aquí para el texto original en Español . Children portrayed the birth of Jesus in a play. They also sang Christmas carols as a way of demonstrating their adoration for infant Jesus. At Sariry, these activities provide a space for reflection on human values, family life and the rights of infants. On these […]

Family Gatherings at the Sariry Foundation

The Sariry Foundations works with children and teenagers that come from the families usually characterized by the absence of one or two parents. Often this is the case because both parents leave home for work, or in other cases the farther abandons the family or dies. In this situation the basic needs of the family (such as […]

Developing Fine Motor Skills at Sariry

Ver abajo texto original en Español. At Sariry Foundation boys and girls from 3 to 6 years old participate in the activities that develop  their fine motor skills. The motor skills refer to the body movements that require precision and elevated level of coordination. The activities done with passion, enthusiasm, attention and concentration are as […]

El Fundación Sariry

En Fundación Sariry,  niño/as  de 3 a 6 años  participan de la pequeña biblioteca que es exclusivamente para la edad de  ellos,  aprenden a leer e interpretar  los textos desde su imaginación, fantasía y  su creatividad. En su proceso de  aprendizaje, en el  desarrollo de sus capacidades socio cognitivas,   junto a la educadora, también participan […]