It’s always nice to meet up with friends. On Monday I was in Huadhua to kickoff this year’s Biblioteca project there, and had the chance spend the morning with all of the parents and students. As I had not seen everyone together since our project closing in December, I was excited to catch up with […]

Alan’s trip to Huadhua

This blog was written by our founder Alan Harman on the fourth day of his recent trip to Peru and Bolivia. The drive up to Huadhua is my favourite. The first 90 minutes is main road but goes through the town (intersection) known for chichiron (roast pig) then the town (intersection) known for cuy (guinea […]

Instances of Community Involvement

I always say that one of the most important aspects of Alma is how involved we are in the communities we work in. It is a prerequisite that parents are included in our projects, and in order to ensure a lasting relationship, we get involved in some community affairs as well. When visiting our Biblioteca […]


The “Biblioteca” project in Huadhua aims to improve the community’s 29 primary school students’ educational performance by offering reinforcement workshops in the afternoon. The workshops will take advantage of working outside of regular school hours by complementing the more formal education students receive in the classroom with a fun, creative, and flexible model reinforcing reading […]

Assembly in Huadhua

The 2015 Biblioteca Project is, academically, the most complicated project we’ve implemented to date. We are not only reinforcing regular curriculum subjects outside of the classroom, but more importantly we are creating a space where students’ creative and critical thinking skills can flourish. Getting to the point where students are sufficiently comfortable, and teachers are […]

The Power of Fun

On the first day of the Biblioteca project in Huadhua, after speaking with the teachers and parents and playing some games with the students, the first thing we did was divide the students into groups and give each group an unopened digital camera. We then proceeded to open the boxes together and search for each […]