From the Field

An update from Ian

  It’s the beginning of the 2024 school year in both Perú Bolivia, and the year is kicking off strong! In Peru, 2024 marks the first year that Alma can complete its three-step project cycle. Step one is Alma‘s Innovative Pedagogy course. Step two is our Teachers’ Best Practices course. And new to this year […]

Bolivia trip

Recently, Alma hosted a trip to Bolivia with 30 educational specialists from the Cusco region of Perú. The goal of the trip was for Peruvian specialists and their Bolivian counterparts to share experiences working in an Alma project in two very different realities: the Peruvian Andes and the Bolivian Amazon. Through this exchange of experiences, […]


During field visits, we are pleased to encounter teachers like Maritza Álvarez, who is employed in the community of Paropujio, in the district of Cusipata. Only few minutes of observing her session was sufficed to realize that she is effectively implementing our educational proposal, adapting our strategies to achieve her learning objectives in an engaging […]


We take great satisfaction in the successful implementation of our ongoing Good Practices course, where our educators of resilience, having voluntarily enrolled, continue to fortify their competencies. Their primary objective remains to achieve of educational goals with their students. In September, we initiated visits to early childhood and primary educational institutions in the Cusco region. […]

Perspective Shift

Socialization and start of the Process of Complete Training (Semester 2) – District of Guayaramerín-Beni I have served as a teacher at Alma for several years, and now I am excited to reengage in this profession that I am passionate about, this time as a teacher trainer. At the end of July, I took on […]

The Importance of Certificates

Closing event of the Process of Complete Training – Guayaramerín District 2023 In the educational district of Guayaramerín,  we have carried out a process called “Complete Training since March,” lasting for three months. During this period, in the first semester, we provided training to 39 teachers from public schools in this municipality in the Bolivian […]

Recognizing the Educator

Teachers of Núcleo Chocloca – District of Uriondo – Department of Tarija As a mother I have had a different relationship with the teachers who taught my children; and in retrospect I must admit that I have not always really valued the work and challenges that comes with being a teacher in a school and […]

Creating Change

This is my second year working at Alma and I have really learned firsthand how difficult it is to work in inclusive education in our department and, I believe, across the country. Last year I was able to see how classroom teachers were always asking for help to make curricular adaptations or to adequately address […]

The Educational Changes of 2023

Press clipping. February, 2023 Press clipping. January, 2023 How to understand the curricular changes of 2023 in Bolivia? was one of the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning of this administration. First, we saw it as important to answer this question because it would help to understand the two parties to the conflict, on […]

How do we plan our courses?

  Curriculum Planning Workshop – UA Tarija and ESFM Canasmoro students – August 2023 We are in the last training sessions for students at the Higher School for Teacher Training in the department of Tarija. This year we work with students for the first time and although it has been a new experience it has […]

Distance is always a pretext

Teachers and Director of Miscas Calderas School Nucleus – Urindo District – Department of Tarija Uriondo is a municipality that, despite being close to the capital of the department of Tarija, does not usually have support from non-governmental entities. With regard to education, most of the aid that has come to the municipality is concentrated in the […]

Inclusive Education

  Bolivian Sign Language translator teachers – Superior Teacher Training School “Clara Parada de Pinto” – Trinidad 2023   the last days of July and the beginning of August we started with training workshops aimed at students of the ESFM Teacher Training School “Clara Parada de Pinto” in Trinidad and its Multi-Ethnic Academic Unit “Lorenza […]


The Specialization course in Pedagogical Innovation is a means by which teachers are accompanied to strengthen their capacities. Currently, the educational authorities have assumed this challenge, with the participation of 19 Specialists from the Cusco Regional Education Management(GEREDUC) and 28 Specialists from the various UGELs of the Cusco region who fulfill the role of tutors […]


As a result of the national educational meeting of Peru, many UGEL’s from the different departments of Peru learned about the work we do and contacted us requesting our intervention in their fields of work through alliances or agreements; One of them is the UGEL Antabamba with whom we are currently coordinating to participate in […]

Two Schools in one place

(Teachers UA Gran Chaco and Authorities – Digital Tools Training Workshop – Caiza June, 2023) This year we are working with the Higher School for Teacher Training in the department of Tarija, which is made up of a central office in Canasmoro and two Academic Units also located in rural areas. This month we visited […]

The Journey of the Teachers

(Teachers from the Peru Río Apere community – Mass Training Workshop – Sana Ana 2023) Since the 2022 administration, our training workshops have been face-to-face at the request of the Beni teachers and this year, although we are only working in two educational districts: Guayaramerín and Santa Ana-Exaltación, it was no exception. In June, we […]

National Educational Encounter

This week Alma was invited to Peru’s first national educational meeting. Heads of the Ministry of Education, Regional Governors, Regional Educational Heads, and specialists from the entire country came to Cusco to discuss Peru’s continuing educational emergency in order to share data, obstacles, needs, and offer possible solutions. Alma was invited to represent the latter, […]

Alma in the “NORMAL”

In Bolivia, there is only one way to become a public school teacher: by graduating from the state-run public universities for teachers, collectively known as the “Normal”. This year we began working with both students and professors from the two Normal campuses in Beni and the three in Tarija. Both groups are learning to use […]