Alma in the “NORMAL”

In Bolivia, there is only one way to become a public school teacher: by graduating from the state-run public universities for teachers, collectively known as the “Normal”.
This year we began working with both students and professors from the two Normal campuses in Beni and the three in Tarija. Both groups are learning to use the Alma methodology to promote critical and creative thinking, socio-emotional wellbeing, and local indigenous culture to achieve the goals of Bolivia’s national curriculum.
By working within the universities, we can assure that every single new public school teacher in Beni and Tarija will be trained in the tools and strategies developed by Alma. However, by the end of this year it won’t be Alma staff running training sessions within the university, but the professors themselves including the Alma methodology in their courses!

Ian McGroarty
Executive Director
Alma Children’s Education Foundation