Visiting the Projects (pt. 1)

Today Phil, Octavio and I headed towards the Valle Sagrado to visit three villages where Alma has operated for the last few years. The projects have all finished this year, so our goal was to evaluate the effectiveness of the projects and meet with the children who participated. Our first stop was Patabamba, a relatively […]

Project Update: Patabamba Academy

PATABAMBA PRE-UNIVERSITY ACADEMY – PROJECT UPDATE April 3, 2014 In our third year of the Patabamba Pre-University Academy Project, the Alma Foundation together with the parents of Patabamba and Sihua are taking further steps to pass the project from Alma to the parents themselves. This year the Academy will again expand from 2 days of […]

Patabamba closing ceremony

The Patabamba Academy Closeout. By Yannick Wende, Program Director And once again, time just flew by! I had barely realized how quick time went by and that we were already at the time in the year, where a project ends. In this case it was a bittersweet feeling to come to the day where this […]

A Snowy Day at the Academy

By Yannick Wende, Program Director This last week had started off with some peculiarly odd weather for winter time here in the Andes. It is common to see the skies in winter here filled with sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. This winter however has had some really frequent cloudy days and not […]

Project Update: Patabamba Academy, February 2013

Patabamba February 2013 Update 2013 will be an important year for the Patabamba Pre-University Academy. This year, the Alma Foundation will not contract teachers and curriculums from outside institutions, but will directly hire and implement the academy in coordination with the Patabamba Parents’ Association and its elected Patabamba Academy Committee. As decided in various meetings […]

Alma Creates Life-Changing Opportunities in Patabamba

The primary and secondary school students of I.E. 50190 in the community of Patabamba rarely used to talk about continuing to study in university or the possibility of entering professional careers. Those who finished secondary school either continued to work in the community’s potato fields or are left to look for unstable employment in construction […]