Sihua Primary School

The Sihua Primary School project began when community leaders approached the Alma Foundation looking for help. The community’s primary school, I.E. #50743, only had 4 of 6 grades due to the lack of teachers, forcing the fifth and sixth graders to walk kilometers to other communities in order to continue studying. Though the school has […]

Visiting the Projects (pt. 2)

Our next stop was Kenko, a small village where Alma had set up a collectivo – school bus – to take the children to school in order to increase attendance. Unfortunately, this goal was not met, and we were there to figure out why the project didn’t work out. As we drove through the town […]

Passing Projects – Patacancha Trout Farm and Sihua

December 2014 not only closed out the year, but also brought to a close some of Alma’s earliest projects. A key piece of our sustainable project policy is to eventually pass the projects off to the communities themselves. Each year, the communities we work in take more and more responsibility for the coordination and administration […]

Project Update: Sihua Primary School:

SIHUA SCHOOL EXPANSION – PROJECT UPDATE April 3, 2014 After successfully expanding to and implementing the full six grades of primary school in Sihua last year, the 2014 Sihua School Expansion Project continues this year with only one teacher, Elva, who has worked with us since the first year of the project in 2012. The […]

Things we sometimes take for granted

By Yannick Wende, Program Director Sihua is one of the projects I often go to and find a lot of different stories of students at the primary school, most of them come from very poor families in which children are often found in physically and mentally unhealthy situations. The thought of this plus the usual […]

Backward Progress in Sihua

The paradox of progress is that sometimes, to move forward, you must first take a couple of steps backwards and then rebuild from there. In a small Andean community called Sihua, that is literally what is happening. The Alma Foundation began its Sihua Primary School Expansion Project in 2012, with the goal of expanding the […]

Project Update: Sihua Primary School February 2013

Sihua Update – February 2013 Though the final evaluation is still being completed, it appears that last year’s Primary School Expansion project in Sihua was a success and planning has begun for the 2013 school year beginning in March. In 2012, the Alma Foundation signed a three-way contract with the Unidad de Gestion Educativa Local […]