Tuksa Biblioteca Project

There are difficulties, but we are getting there

I left at dawn towards the province of Canchi – Sicuani district of Combapata to the community of Tucsa. Tucsa is a community far away from the city where car traffic is almost unheard of. But for the Alma Foundation it is not impossible to reach these places as we are always eager to bring […]

Strike Attendance

Teachers went on strike recently in Cusco. I’m not sure what this one was about as I hadn’t heard it announced on the radio as they usually are. I only found out when I pulled into Tucsa at over 4,000 meters above sea level, where we have a long running biblioteca project with the primary […]

Achievement Day in Tuksa

Three times a year our students present what they’ve been up to in our projects to their parents during the school’s “Achievement Day”. The first round of Achievement Days passed recently and in Tuksa, it went as great as we hoped! Students in Tuksa engaged their parents with their presentations and live demonstrations of activities […]

Running into a Biblioteca Graduate

While visiting the Tucsa Biblioteca Project last week, I had the great surprise of running into one of our ex-students, Guido! Guido was one of our most active and enthusiastic students in Tucsa during the last two years of the project. He is now in secondary school and rides his bike 3 hours a day […]

Tuksa Biblioteca Project

The community of Tuksa is located at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, in the province of Canchis. It is a very remote community, isolated to the point that the community has little contact with the outside world. They have no telephone service and most of the people there do not speak Spanish. […]

Project Update: Tucsa Biblioteca: January 2014

PROGRAMA CURRICULAR Fundamentación Área de Comunicación tiene como finalidad principal desarrollo en los estudiantes un manejo eficiente y pertinente de la lengua para expresarse, comprender. Procesar y producir mensajes. Para el desarrollo.de las capacidades comunicativas deben tomarse en cuenta, además, otros lenguajes o recursos expresivos no verbales (gestual, corporal, gráfico-plástico, sonoro entre otros), así como el […]

Project Update: Tucsa Biblioteca – April 2014

TUKSA BIBLIOTECA – PROJECT UPDATE April 3, 2014 The Tuksa Biblioteca Project is set to start on April 10th and all parties are putting the finishing touches on the preparations! The Municipality of Combapata signed the contract with the Alma Foundation officially outlining the responsibilities of each in regards to the project, and has already […]

It’s official: Tuksa Biblioteca is open for business!

Last week the Alma Foundation and the community of Tuksa officially inaugurated the Tuksa Biblioteca Project. The entire community turned out for the event, as well as the primary school’s two teachers, representatives from the District Municipality of Combapata, and elected leaders from neighboring communities. On the surface, it was a celebration to mark the beginning […]

“The most wonderful time of the year…”

In Canada, the first day of school is surrounded by such buzz and hype that it’s hard to ignore – even if you don’t have children.  That tongue-in-cheek Staples commercial begins airing mid-summer and it seems that stores start stocking pencils and paper mere hours after the school doors are locked in June. And as children […]

The Children of Tucsa

As we launched this project recently I thought it was about time to write a blog post about the community of Tucsa. And not only the community but, more specifically, their children. As I have traveled through countless communities here in Peru and Bolivia, after a while you start to realize how factors like climate, […]

An early Christmas present

I got an early Christmas present last week as I witnessed for the first time of my life a true NATURAL LLAMA BIRTH, in the middle of my trip to our new project in Tucsa. It is summer down here in he Andes, although saying that just does not feel right because most days it […]