Project Update: Tucsa Biblioteca – April 2014

April 3, 2014
The Tuksa Biblioteca Project is set to start on April 10th and all parties are putting the finishing touches
on the preparations!
The Municipality of Combapata signed the contract with the Alma Foundation officially outlining the
responsibilities of each in regards to the project, and has already approved the funding to buy the books
and the computer for the library. All materials will be delivered on April 10th: Inauguration Day!
The Alma Foundation hired a new teacher, Juan Carlos, to take on the task of running the library’s
workshops and we have begun working together on trainings with him to be sure that the library is a
creative and fun space where the 40 children of Tuksa’s nursery and primary schools can hone their
reading and writing skills (especially reading comprehension) through projects chosen by them
according to their own interests and hobbies. We have met with community leaders, Tuksa’s primary
school teachers, and authorities in Combapata and the Ministry of Education in Sicuani to be sure that
everyone is on board and supporting the project.
As for the community of Tuksa itself, they are organizing the inauguration event to celebrate the start of
the project and have already invited parents and leaders from surrounding communities to join us on
April 10th to learn about the Alma Foundation and our project in Tuksa. We met with community
leaders and parents to set the official schedule for the library workshops and we look forward to the
participation of the entire community to ensure that the library will be a sanctuary of creative learning
for the kids.