Project Update: Suyacuyhuan Yachasun – April 2014

April 3, 2014
La Beneficencia, the state-run umbrella institution that coordinates Cusco’s orphanages, changed its
Director three times in the last five months. Nevertheless, the Vocational Center of our Suyacuyhuan
Yachasun project will continue to train girls in computer and cosmetology skills from the three
orphanages and the Casa Acojida in Cusco.
Currently, the computer classes for the girls from the Casa Acojida must be taught within the orphanage
itself- the result of an escape attempt by a group of girls. The adaptation to the project is a clear
example of the difficulty involved in working with such an at-risk population, and a reminder that we
must always be adaptable to changing circumstances. We are working closely with the new Director of
the Beneficencia and hope to gradually clear the girls to come to the center for our other workshops
As for the girls from the regular orphanages, they are continuing the workshops in the center and some
are almost ready to take the exam for their technical certificates in computation and cosmetology!
Furthermore, the center has opened its doors to girls from a near-by boarding school to be included in
the project. They will start attending the workshops in mid-April.