Project Update: Sihua Primary School:

April 3, 2014
After successfully expanding to and implementing the full six grades of primary school in Sihua last year,
the 2014 Sihua School Expansion Project continues this year with only one teacher, Elva, who has
worked with us since the first year of the project in 2012.
The UGEL-Calca and the Municipality of Coya stayed true to our 2013 contract. The UGEL took over the
budget for one of Alma´s hired teachers in 2013, for a total of 3 teachers, and the Municipality again
hired 2 teachers. The Alma Foundation is currently working out the details for our final contract with
the UGEL-Calca to ensure that they again take over the budget responsibility for this year’s Alma
teacher- meaning that in 2015 Sihua will have a fully staffed and functioning primary school without any
outside assistance!
Classes started on March 17th, and all six teachers are anxious to get situated in the new school built by
the Municipality in the coming months.