Las Palmeras Project

Meet Yhisel from Las Palmeras

  Yhisel is a three year old girl who attends the Las Palmeras pre-school. Yhisel was born in the city of Santa Cruz and has two older siblings. She currently lives in the community of Las Palmeras with her mom Francisca who is 35. Although Yhisel has always lived in an urban zone, she has […]

Las Palmeras Success Story

“A community without a school never moves forward. It’s the school that creates a true community around children and the young.” – Mother, Las Palmeras In 2016 we implemented a brand new project with the community of Las Palmeras. The goal: to create a school from scratch. Las Palmeras is a new community founded only […]

Meet Vidal from Las Palmeras

Vidal was born on September 5th, 2011 to Albina and Roberto. Both of Vidal’s parents are under the age of 30 years old. Vidal has one younger brother Yhon Oliver. Yhon and Vidal are always together taking care of each other. Vidal is a joyful and charismatic child. At home, he takes pride in being the […]