Meet Yhisel from Las Palmeras



Yhisel is a three year old girl who attends the Las Palmeras pre-school. Yhisel was born in the city of Santa Cruz and has two older siblings. She currently lives in the community of Las Palmeras with her mom Francisca who is 35. Although Yhisel has always lived in an urban zone, she has been able to adapt quickly to rural life.


Yhisel is happy that she is able to live with her mother. Yhisel’s mother is a very brave and courageous woman, always looking out for the betterment of her daughter. She works hard to make a living to support her daughter. She works all day at a farm which is a three km walk away from the community.


In spite of her young age, Yhisel understands that her mother has to go to work. When classes finish, she waits seated in her place for her mom or whomever is going to pick her up. Yhisel is very kind to everyone. She enjoys playing hide and seek with her classmates and her best friend is Mari Isabel. They’re always together playing or chatting. Even though Mari is older than Yhisel, they are very close friends. Yhisel is very polite in the school. She likes to ask questions to solve her homework and does everything with effort and care.


At first Yhisel was very shy with her teacher. Instead of asking the teacher, she used to tell Mari Isabel what she needed and Mari Isabel would then deliver the message to the teacher. Now, Yhisel has developed trust with her teacher and is able to work well. She can colour and draw, understand vowels and the alphabet, recognize the numbers from one to five, and can identify the parts of the body. Yhisel is learning more each day in class. We look forward to seeing Yhisel’s progress in 2017.