Markuray Rayan Project

The Women of Marccuray

I thought that it was necessary to write about my last visit to the Nutrition Program in the community of Marccuray. After various failed attempts to get a meeting going with all the members of the project (this mainly had to do with Marccuray being the most isolated community we work in, and with failure […]

Animal Delivery at Marccuray

By Yannick Wende, Program Director Last week was a one of the most meaningful weeks in the Marccuray Nutrition program, as the very anticipated date of the arrival and delivery of the animals was finally about to happen. It took long months of hiking up and down the steep hillside to go and check how […]

Life, Emotions and Longevity in the Andes

By Yannick Wende, Program Director Last week I had the strongest epiphany at work thus far in my working experience with the Alma Foundation. There I was on one of my usual visits to our project in Marccuray, it was late afternoon and time for me to head back down the one hour hike to […]

An unusually rocky road up to Marccuray

By Yannick Wende, Program Director Last week my regular community visits had a little bit of an extra difficulty and danger added to the sum. I was on my way to Marccuray, to go and visit the community to see how the Cuy (guinea pigs) and chicken cages were at, for the nutrition program that […]