Two things that make my way up to Marccuray a lot easier.

I won’t deny that in this past week, I had a very hard time making the routine 1.5 hour hike up to our nutrition project in Marccuray.

Usually I enjoy this hike quite a bit because the scenes are just beautiful. But this time I had an extra burden to carry up the steep hill: I was going through the middle of a heavy flu, which made for quite a whiny way up.

Anyway, there was two things on this week that reminded me just why I do it, and these two things made my day a lot easier.

1)   On my way up I couldn’t help but notice that something had changed in the landscape. It is summer here, and there are a few drastic changes that have been going on because of the rain. I couldn’t help but notice as I approached the uphill that a weird white and purple color had filled up the steep mountain. It was the “Murmunkuta” wild flowers! It was just all over bloomed and beautiful flowers that helped me forget about the uphill. After the hike I am definitely convinced that these are the most beautiful wild flowers I have ever seen.

Murmunkuta blooming on the hillsides in Marcurray.

Murmunkuta blooming on the hillsides in Marccuray.

2)   And most importantly. Once I get to Marccuray, I still have quite a hike to go to check out the houses and talk to the people about the project. But on many occasions I have had two companions (very loyal ones) beside me. They are LEANDRO VALENSUELA and MIGUEL AYMA. Two 6 and 7 year old kids that attend the primary school of Marccuray. I have had them along my house-to-house visits before, but throughout more and more of these, they have gained confidence with me, so now I not only get to have them aside me, but also get to watch their endless enthusiasm, and their unique community child humor! They spend the hike just laughing at everything, making jokes, running up and down and just ENJOYING LIFE in a very hard to describe intensity. So true, so natural and as everything in the community… so simple! It kind of makes you realize that true happiness does exist in places that you normally would not look for it.  These two companions made me forget my flu, and my sore legs and just answer once more but in a much simpler way, why I do this Job. Thanks Miguel and Leandro!

Miguel & Leandro

By Yannick Wende, Program Director