As a result of the national educational meeting of Peru, many UGEL’s from the different departments of Peru learned about the work we do and contacted us requesting our intervention in their fields of work through alliances or agreements; One of them is the UGEL Antabamba with whom we are currently coordinating to participate in one of their educational projects as allies to give pedagogical support to the teachers participating in said project, thanks to the interest they have shown in our Educational proposal and our Online Courses that are currently being developed in our Educational Platform.
This interaction is taking place virtually, and despite the distance and the means of communication, a predisposition is perceived on the part of the director and specialists of the UGEL, demonstrating commitment in each meeting held, likewise they ask to formalize our alliances through an agreement with the Antabamba Local Educational Management Unit and the Apurímac Regional Education Office in the coming years; which motivates us much more in being part of the development of this project, having good expectations to develop the workshops that we have scheduled with their teachers on August 8, 9 and 10 and in this way to be able to contribute to strengthen their teaching capacities.

Ian McGroarty
Executive Director
Alma Children’s Education Foundation