The “Good Teaching Practices Involving the entire Educational Community” Course was born at the request of the teachers who received support from our team of specialists through the Pedagogical Innovation refresher course during the 2022 period, to continue strengthening their pedagogical work.
For this course, 50 places were enabled within the entire Cusco region, with the only requirement being to have satisfactorily completed the pedagogical innovation course.
Currently, the second module of the course is being developed, where the participating teachers indicate that the course is very useful since it reinforces their good practices in the classroom, which allows them to apply different strategies of our educational proposal for the achievement of learning of In addition to this, their students are remembering the work done last year and that allows them to plan their learning experiences in a better way, they also indicate that they are interested in participating in the 2023 good practices contest by applying some ALMA strategies that helped them achieve your learning purposes last year; In addition, many of them, being hired teachers, have migrated from the institution and what we expect of them is that they can be agents of change in their new workplace and share their experience with their colleagues applying our Educational Proposal.