Perspective Shift

Socialization and start of the Process of Complete Training (Semester 2) – District of Guayaramerín-Beni

I have served as a teacher at Alma for several years, and now I am excited to reengage in this profession that I am passionate about, this time as a teacher trainer. At the end of July, I took on the substantial challenge of overseeing the comprehensive training of teachers from the Educational Units of Guayaramerín. I am responsible to ensure that 59 teachers gain an in-depth understanding of Alma’s pedagogical guidelines and  implement them in their classrooms.

In the past,  when I was a teacher in a community, I witnessed the resistant of teachers at the educational unit where I collaborated with Alma to embrace change. They were hesitant to modify their way of working, regardless of the benefits that staying current could offer. This year, to my surprise, I encountered a different scenario. In the introductory meeting outlining the plans for the coming months, I met teachers and directors who expressed a desire to make a lasting impact and explores new approaches. This is the case of Lic. Denise Loras, the director of UE Manuel Antonio Ojopi, who demonstrated a committed attitude towards her profession. She even proposed the idea of the District sending an instructional guide to emphasize that this training is not only interesting and essential but also officially endorsed and monitored by the relevant authority to ensure active participation.

While the participation of teachers from the selected Educational Units is crucial in this process,  the participation of their directors is not essential since the fulfill an administrative functions, precluding the direct application of what they have learned in the classroom. Despite this, Denise has attended each workshop we’ve conducted for her teachers. In these sessions, she has assisted in organizing the environment and has been attentive to the overall mood and participation levels of the group. It feels as though she is part of the Alma team, demonstrating commitment to ensuring  each teacher is actively engaged and learns everything.

After each session, I try to engage in conversations with her to understand her motivations. In a conversation we had a few days ago, she shared that for her, educating involves accompanying students, being present with them throughout their journey of meaningful encounters and disagreements. She firmly believes that the student should be protagonists of their education, and that’s why the role of teachers should be that of a companion. To fulfill this role effectively, continuous self-update is essential, given that students bring diverse knowledge to the learning environment. These words truly surprised me. It is not always common to have the opportunity to encounter people who are in love with their profession and possess a genuine vocation for service like Denise.

Having her in my classroom has changed my perception that teachers are resistant to change or overly comfortable with their existing practices. Her presence not only facilitates the active engagement of participating teachers, but also poses a significant personal challenge,  compelling me to enhance my knowledge preparation and give my best in each workshop. For all these reasons, I am personally grateful to have Lic. Denise as an integral part of this process.


Nicolás Orihuela Aulo

Pedagogical Specialist Consultant

Guayaramerín District