We take great satisfaction in the successful implementation of our ongoing Good Practices course, where our educators of resilience, having voluntarily enrolled, continue to fortify their competencies. Their primary objective remains to achieve of educational goals with their students.

In September, we initiated visits to early childhood and primary educational institutions in the Cusco region. During these visits, we observed our resilient educators consistently  integrating the acquired knowledge from the course into each session with their students.   They effectively apply our pedagogical strategies to develop cognitive processes, socio-emotional well-being, and autonomy from an early developmental stage.

Allow me to provide insights into the visit to the Alejandro Velasco Astete Initial Education Institution (IEI) in the city of Cusco, situated in the San Jerónimo district. Teacher Jaqueline, currently engaged with 5-year-old students in the initial level, attests to the great utility of insights gained from the previous year’s Innovation course. She has learned to formulate titles for her experiences that align more closely with the contextual reality and the comprehension level of the child. Furthermore, she mentions that the acquired strategies significantly contribute to enhancing her instructional sessions and, above all, elevate the appeal of her classes to the children.

This experience of facilitating the Good Practices course designates her a resilient educator within the institution. Her instructional approach attracts the attention of her colleagues, serving as motivation for them to enrich their pedagogical endeavors and advance professionally. Consequently, her director has requested a concerted focus on all educators under her range to continue implementing these good practices collaboratively, with the aim of optimizing learning outcomes for the students.