During field visits, we are pleased to encounter teachers like Maritza Álvarez, who is employed in the community of Paropujio, in the district of Cusipata.

Only few minutes of observing her session was sufficed to realize that she is effectively implementing our educational proposal, adapting our strategies to achieve her learning objectives in an engaging manner, undoubtedly achieving significant learning in her students.

On this particular occasion, we noted how the teacher adapted the strategy “create our soccer ball,” instructing students to recreate the planet Earth from their prior knowledge, using discarded objects from their environment. She then motivated them to investigate more about the planet, encouraging students to develop the steps of the scientific method in an enjoyable manner. Throughout, she consistently promotes autonomy and critical thinking.

In contrast to students in other rural areas, Maritza’s students consistently demostrated a willingness to participate and express their opinions without fear of judgment.

At the end of the session, her students presented a summary of their research using a graphic organizer, each selecting one based on their own criteria.

Another aspect that impressed us was the meticulous organization of  her classroom including all necessary materials. Despite it being a multi-grade setting, all students collaborated with the teacher, engaging in various activities independently yet focused on a common theme.

Currently, Maritza is progressing through the 5th module of our Pedagogical Innovation Course, demonstrating good performance and making a positive impact in her pedagogical work.

She notes that embracing our pedagogical approach has encountered minor challenges with some parents. Encouraging parental involvement in their children’s learning remains an ongoing effort. She is hopegul that parents can recognize the positive changes in their children’s learning and understand and collaborate with her teaching approach.