Recognizing the Educator

Teachers of Núcleo Chocloca – District of Uriondo – Department of Tarija

As a mother I have had a different relationship with the teachers who taught my children; and in retrospect I must admit that I have not always really valued the work and challenges that comes with being a teacher in a school and even more so in a public school in the rural area of Tarija. Now I believe that being a teacher is a noble but also delicate task that is rarely recognized, on the contrary, the teacher is always in the spotlight of criticism from parents, students and from outside the educational environment.

Being part of the Alma Foundation team as a teacher trainer in the Uriondo district has given me the opportunity to learn more about the reality of education in my department, but above all it has given me the opportunity to know and recognize the effort, motivation and commitment shown by the teachers of the different educational units in which we work.

In the education center of Chocloca there are eleven educational units: 10 de mayo, Saladillo,19 de marzo,1ro. de Mayo, Felipe Araoz Campero, Barrientos, Juan XXIII, UE Charaja, Puesto Armaoz, 12 de abril y la Unidad Educativa Almedroz. In these units, more than 50% of the teachers teach under the multigrade classroom modality, that is, they teach in a single room for 2, 3 and up to 6 groups of students of different ages, knowledge, and years of schooling; therefore, curricular planning for these teachers becomes cumbersome.

Edil Castillo education center director has been the greatest ally in our work and who led us to face this reality. Reviewing the PDC with these teachers and seeing the challenge of planning a class with these characteristics has really allowed me to recognize the work and dedication that is required to be a teacher in these conditions; that is why I appreciate the commitment of these teachers, their directors and of course Alma who wants to reach the most abandoned places.

Thus, in past months I was able to share with teachers who make an effort, who reinvent themselves every day and who have the desire not only to teach, but also to learn, and they have demonstrated it during the training sessions that they take advantage of until the last minute. I am truly grateful for having this experience and to be able to change my outlook towards this great work that is teaching.


Mirna Olivia Centellas Delgado

Pedagogical Specialist Consultant

Tarija – Bolivia