Distance is always a pretext

Teachers and Director of Miscas Calderas School Nucleus – Urindo District – Department of Tarija

Uriondo is a municipality that, despite being close to the capital of the department of Tarija, does not usually have support from non-governmental entities. With regard to education, most of the aid that has come to the municipality is concentrated in the urban area and for this reason the rural or dispersed areas are always forgotten.

When the Educational Units with which to work on the complete training in Tarija were defined, it was surprising to meet Mr. Carlos, director of the October 15 Educational Unit and in charge of the Miscas Calderas School Center. When we presented the details of the contents to be developed in the training and the monitoring process that will be carried out with the teachers, he did not ask that we not only stay in his educational unit, but that we could reach the five schools that make up his school nucleus and he told us that rarely does anyone come to train these schools that are far from the city and that the learning of their teachers comes from the same practice in the classroom.

Every day, the teachers of this nucleus travel an hour and a half in mobility to get to their schools and it is a route most of which is a dirt road; some teachers who live in the surroundings arrive on foot or those who have the opportunity manage to arrive on horseback. Although the distance seems small, it is the pretext that they always give when the community or the directors request support for training and other issues. In fact, for a long time they have been asking for training in the planning and development of multigrade classes because in this area there are many teachers who attend students of different years of schooling in a single classroom.

On the last day of the workshop, these teachers gave us two great tokens of appreciation. The first has to do with your participation; everyone was punctual and participated in the workshop in a very active way; They also asked that we be able to include an additional workshop to the training on multigrade PDC. But they also gave us a beautiful show of affection when they received us with a thank you lunch. Living this experience with the teachers of the Miscas nucleus has motivated me to give my best every day, because this interest and dedication of the teachers must be rewarded.


By: Claudia Guzmán Albornoz

Pedagogical Specialist Consultant

Tarija – Bolivia