Meet Pamela and Osman

Alalay is one of our partner projects in Bolivia.  Alalay supports over 120 street kids, aged 6 to 14, offering them a place to live, and helps them re-enter the school system by providing academic support, as well as uniforms and school materials.

Pamela and Osman are two of Alalay’s students.


Pamela - Alalay

Pamela is a pretty 8-year-old who loves wearing pink and green, and really likes eating chicken. She is the youngest of five siblings whose mother passed away. Her father is an alcoholic who physically abused her and her sisters.

After living on the streets with her sisters for some time, she joined Alalay. Although she is experiencing some math and language learning difficulties, she enjoys playing with her friends at Hogar de Niños Alalay.

She wishes to reunite with “mom” (one of her sisters) so she can get a nice doll and together they can do homework and visit parks.


Osman - AlalayOsman lives at Alalay with two of his five brothers and sisters, because of abuse at home.  At the age of 11, he is an outstanding soccer player and will represent his school in the national student games.

Osman has a disciplined routine that starts at 5:00 am everyday, and finds the time to help doing chores, attend school, and do his homework. He likes his math and language classes and believes that by putting a lot of effort at school he will find good opportunities.

“When I grow up I want to be a lawyer or an architect, that is why I will study a lot”

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