Rodrigo’s Mom

Who doesn’t love good news? When in a parents meeting in Monte Cristo recently, the mother and father of one of our students from last year’s project stood up and explained how their son, Rodrigo, got into nursing school earlier this year!

Last year’s project in Monte Cristo had three areas of focus: computer science, mathematics, and physics for secondary school students (this year we are including communications as well). When Rodrigo showed up to take the entrance exam for nursing school, he was surprised to find that the exam was 100% digital and science-heavy. He told his mother that thanks to the Alma project, he knew how to use the computer to take the exam and was prepared for the science content as well.

His success has changed the notion in Monte Cristo that superior education is out of reach. Thanks to the project, student who had never before used a computer are now technologically literate and are improving their math, science, and communications abilities as well.

Congratulations Rodrigo!