Measuring Our Success

As we are a mostly volunteer organization our “jobs” do not depend on the success of our projects, so we can be honest about what is working (and what is not) and avoid the “success bias” most charities have.

We enter into each project with a clear set of goals and measure our success in achieving these goals every three months.

Every year, and when a project “ends”, we do a detailed project evaluation. Many of our goals are hard to quantify. It is easy to list numbers of participants and beneficiaries, but much more difficult to ascertain whether a child has been able to improve their ability to comprehend and interpret what they have read or been told.

We use a number of qualitative measurements from sources such as The Poverty Reduction Lab to measure our true success.

You can learn more about how we measure success in our Five Year Annual Report.

If this resonates with you, let us know! We are looking for supporters who appreciate the messy work of actually creating long-term change!