Biblioteca Kallpanchis, HoPe Project (Peru)

The Library Kallpanchis is a long-running project set up by the community of Villa Maria in the Northern suburbs of the city of Cusco and the organization HoPe (Holanda-Perú). It started when a group of young people from the community won a box of books in a dance competition in 2006 and decided to start a library to share these and other books and games with the community.

The students needed help with homework and so, over time, HoPe began to provide teachers who could give instruction to students, whose parents may be too busy working or lack sufficient education or resources (books or internet) in order to assist with homework themselves.

There are currently three teachers providing assistance, with morning and afternoon shifts because of some school children in Cusco study in the afternoons, and most in the mornings. Two of the teachers are former beneficiaries of the project.

There is free supervised internet for use for homework research and there are also workshops for parents to help them learn how to improve the educational development of their children. When the students have finished their homework they can play educational games or draw and there are also outings on Saturdays.

The project aims to increase the academic achievement and self-esteem of children from these marginal areas of Cusco and encourage participation of parents in the education of their children. There are about 85 children and youth who directly benefit from this project. Alma pays for the teachers at Kallpanchis, We have been supporting the project since 2012.