Direccion Deprtamental de Educacion – Beni


In early 2020, Alma planned to continue implementing 13 projects in isolated communities in the San Andres and Loreto municipalities of the Department of Beni, Bolivia.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the school year was canceled and the Direccion Deprtamental de Educacion – Beni (DDE Beni) was told to spend the year writing a new curriculum in the context of remote learning and training teachers to implement it. Alma was already developing new practical pedagogic proposals for remote learning without connectivity, online learning, and promoting emotional wellbeing to overcome the challenges teachers, students, and families faced in Peru, so we adapted and expanded those proposals and trained all the teachers in the entire department of Beni.

In 2021, we continue training and accompanying 6,194 teachers and administrators from preschool to secondary school levels in remote and virtual learning techniques in the context of the Bolivian National Curriculum impacting 148,794 students. We are also expanding our curriculum development and training for all of Beni’s trade schools, which cover the national secondary school curriculum along with one of 20 different trades.