Unidad de Gestión Educativa – Paruro


Peru’s national curriculum (Diseño Curricular Nacional – “DCN”) was created in 2016 but wasn´t widely implemented in rural regions of Cusco until 2019, and it was clear that there were practical gaps between the theory of the curriculum, which aligned with what Alma was doing in our projects since 2013, and classroom implementation. Therefore, we systematized our teaching methodology in the context of the DCN and began training teachers and administrators in early 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic came remote learning, Alma developed new practical pedagogic proposals for remote learning without connectivity, online learning, and promoting emotional wellbeing to overcome the challenges teachers, students, and families faced. The project grew to include all preschool and primary teachers in the Quispicanchi Province as well and a pilot group of secondary school teachers.

In 2021, the UGEL Paruro asked Alma to bring our training program to their province and adapt it to the needs of their communities and schools. This year we are training and accompanying 478 teachers and administrators in virtual learning and social-emotional wellbeing, impacting 4,361 preschool and primary school students.