Alma’s big night out with Arlene Dickinson

It took six months of planning and a lot of hard work by our event committee (Melanie, Alexandra, Marcela, Nancy, Amelia and Alyssa-Marie) but last night we had our most successful fundraising event ever.

We had 350 guests at the beautiful new Scotiabank conference centre to hear and see Arlene Dickinson being interviewed by Tavia Grant. I had the opportunity to give a short summary of our indigenous digital education initiative, and we challenged people to become angel investors in this exciting new program.

It was really wonderful to chat with our guests (over awesome food and wine) while photos from our communities in Peru scrolled in the background on the huge LCD screen. It’s hard to connect the two solitudes of a classy urban social function and a circle of kids playing in the grass in Huadhua Peru but somehow, last night, it worked.

We raised $50,000 and shared our story with 350 people who didn’t know Alma before last night. And it was a lot of fun.

The biggest of “thank you”s goes to Arlene though. People came to see her and she did not disappoint. I hope one day she can come down to Peru and see the children that she has given a huge hand-up to!