Bumps in the Road…


I was planning my trip to visit the Monte Cristo and Manguita’s projects. We were traveling with Dayana, Kathy’s teacher, her 2 kids Mateo who is 3 years old, and Sofia who was only 25 days old.

In a normal trip without any setbacks, it takes around 11-13 hours but this trip was not like this. 2 hours after leaving the airport, the 24 HP motor broke and we had to travel with a 25 HP motor, which made us 2 days late… in mosquito season!

Thankfully, Dona Viviana who was managing a Estancia Santa Anita, gave us a place to sleep there. I was a bit scared all night because the place where we were staying was filled with bats! I felt bad for baby Sofia, who, at only 25 days old, had already traveled two days under the hot sun with the temperature at a high of 33 degrees, the trip was a nightmare! 

We arrived at Manguita and that night there was a very heavy rainfall, and we had a body of water around us while camping, it was Dayana’s first time traveling over water and she behaved very well. She has the ability to adapt quickly, it was the second terrible night during this trip, there was lightning and the cows that were inside the school did not let us sleep all night. 

On our way back to Trinidad, we ran out of gas and we had nothing to eat, it was the nighttime and we were only thinking about getting to Trinidad and eating a CHICKEN! I was so tired that when I got home I just fell asleep. 

– Kathe Kohler, Alma Foundation Project Manager