The new school year began in both Peru and Bolivia, and after months of planning, coordinating, signing and resigning contracts, etc. we are finally back in the classroom with teachers and administrators training them to use Alma’s teaching methodology to bridge the gap between state mandated curriculum and classroom implementation. 2022 can also be considered year one in our three year plan to pass our training program over to the state in both Peru and Bolivia. Thanks to the full support of teachers and administrators in the Beniano district of Guayaramerin, Bolivia, we are off to a great start!
In December of 2021 we did a pilot in-person training in Guayaramerin to test our by then polished online teacher training in the in-person model. The training went well, so we were excited to return in mid-March of this year to continue training teachers from the district. There was, however, a surprise in store for us.
The teachers who participated in our December training continued to review and practice our methodology strategies. After a second training in March, they are now teacher trainers within the district in order to replicate the Alma training program and ensure that all the teachers in Guayaramerin have access to year-long accompaniment! We are working with this group to ensure they have the support they need from us so they can continue to support their colleagues.
Apart from the rigorous impact measurements that we monitor throughout the year, pro-active and autonomous acts of buy-in, like what is happening in Guayaramerin, really show the power and relevance of Alma’s methodology and training program for teachers in the classroom. Thank you Guayaramerin! We’ll see you in the classroom!

Ian McGroarty
Executive Director