Happiness is…


Happiness is riding in the back of a pick up truck with the kids from Pacopata!

I was out in Paruro valley yesterday (5 hours from Cusco) visiting our projects. School was cancelled in Cochirhuay but that didn’t stop kids from walking for up to 90 minutes to come to our biblioteca project. 

Seeing their enthusiasm makes me realize that, at the very least, kids love attending our programs!

Leaving Cochirhuay, we took the kids from Pacopata back to their village in the truck to save them the walk. Even the kids from Cochirhuay wanted a ride to the square. They love riding in the back and I joined them. The sun was shining, the smell of eucalyptus was in the thin air (we are at 12,500 feet here) and all around us the magnificent steep mountains. A few of the kids were shy but most were not. The kids teased me, I teased them, it was great. After the bumpy 15 minute ride they jumped out and waved to us until we couldn’t see them anymore.