Jhon Adriel, Huadhua



Jhon Adriel is in the 4th grade at our Huadhua program. We asked him about how the program has helped his self-confidence. He said:


“At first, I was afraid to speak in front of my classmates, I just watched what they participated, sometimes I wanted to cry when the teacher asked me a question because I was worried my classmates would laugh. As I frequently attended the Project I felt comfortable and wanted to talk. One day the teacher asked a classmate about the natural regions of Peru and I answered it and was so proud of myself. It was from that moment on that I really liked participating. Today, the project has helped me gain trust in myself and in my classmates. I always participate now and whether I’m right or wrong my classmates listen to me, I help in group work, and I help my classmates when they don’t understand something. I can laugh and learn with them and my teacher and that makes me have more confidence no matter what the subject.”