My name is Nataly, I am 14 years old, I have lived in the Alalay Children’s Home for the last 6 months. I study here, eat here, and sleep here. This is my home.

Before living in Alalay my life was not easy. My siblings and I were constantly trying to run away from home and from our abusive parents. One evening, my sister Yuri and I were walking in the evening going to pick up my parents who were in Obrajes selling food. That’s when the police found us walking alone and saw the bruises on our bodies. They took us to different homes. My little sisters are in Obrajes Girl’s home and I am in Alalay’s.

Because my family had lost my birth certificate and all of my identification, I couldn’t enrol in school at first. But our social worker helped me get all of my new documents. They took a picture of me and made me put my fingers finger prints, then they gave me my ID and I could see my photo. The next day with all of my documents I was able to enrol in the Simona Manzaneda educational unit, I am happy to have my identity documents and to be in school.

After I started living at the ALALAY Foundation, my life changed a lot. They help me in my studies, they gave me school materials, uniform, backpack. I have the opportunity to be better, I committed myself to study and to getting ahead and I will achieve it.

I feel very happy in the Villa, my favourite sport is to play football. I like to help my classmates and my teacher. My favourite colours are white and pink.

I plan to stand by my little sisters and be able to take care of them, and above all protect them. I will work very hard in school, be professional to get ahead and be an example for them.