Our project manager Octavio wrestles with the elements as school begins

2 days before the start of the Alma projects, we took a trip to the Karhuacalla Library project with the teachers working on the project, Elizabeth and Yesica.  We went to the community of Karhuacalla in the district of Paccarectambo in the province of Paruro, in order to help get the teachers set up to start the project.

It rained nonstop on our trip and there was a high risk of mudslides.  We took the usual route even though there was a risk we would get stuck halfway.  We were worried we would miss our important meetings with the partents.  With only 3 kilometers to go, we got stuck.  There was a mudslide and only a small motorcycle could get through.

We had two alternatives. First: return to Yaurisque and take the alternative route, but that would  take an hour and we would miss the parents.  Second: work as a team to open the road. We chose the second option. We start working with the help of the teachers, removing the earth and the rocks to create a space to drive through. After 20 minutes we overcame the obstacle and continued our trip, we arrived successfully at the project and we were greeted with joy and surprise.  The parents knew the road was blocked and they were very impressed that we had cleared it.