Quispichani Training

In the months before the start of the school year, Alma is already hard at work training our teachers and developing culturally meaningful lesson plans in Peru and Bolivia. This year, however, we are happy to have the added challenge of working with the local branch of the Ministry of Education in the UGEL Quispicanchi.

Since December of last year, we have been training their educational specialists and teachers in order to use the Alma methodology to fill in the practical blanks of Peru’s national curriculum for all of the Quispicanchi province’s pre, primary, and secondary schools.

In total, we are training and working with 14 educational specialists who train and accompany 2,218 teachers and 34,598 students! I was inspired to hear from both teachers and specialists about the value of our contribution to their training and preparation this year, which was profoundly reinforced when we directly trained 23 teachers from 5 different schools within the Quispicanchi province with whom we will work throughout the year in the classroom along with their 372 students.

The teachers were on board with the mission to promote critical and creative thinking, academic competencies, and harmonious values in the classroom through culturally relevant projects, joining our practical teaching strategies with their years of experience in the classroom with their students.

We all look forward to working together throughout the year to ensure a meaningful educational experience for the students in Quispicanchi!