Teachers Roundtable in Urubamba

Inaugural Alma Foundation Teachers Roundtable October 18, 2014



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We felt that getting all of our teachers and partners together on a regular basis to share

best practices, commiserate and celebrate would be a good idea. We also felt that turning

these roundtables into “seminars” where we could also train the teachers creative ways to

motivate their students to develop critical thinking would be very beneficial. To this end

we held our first “roundtable” in Urubamba while I was there a few weeks back.

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Twenty two teachers and partners came representing thirteen of our projects. Some

drove six hours to get to Urubamba so I was very happy with the attendance. Everyone

introduced themselves, described their projects and shared some very preliminary

thoughts. Ian then lead a discussion on best practices and what we hope to accomplish at

these meetings.

We believe that these regular sessions (every 6 weeks) will inspire our teachers, improve

the quality of their lessons and create better quality teachers regardless of where they

work. Eventually we will videotape lessons in the communities and share these tapes at

the meetings. It will be a way of “measuring” and sharing the successes of both the

students and the teachers. More to come in 2015!

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Alan Harman