The New High Schoolers



In Bolivia high schools follow what is called a “Bachillerato Tecnologico Humanistico” (BTH) to graduate students in different specialties depending on the choice of each school. This approach is aimed at giving high schoolers the possibility of training in a specialty that guarantees an economic livelihood when graduating and better knowledge to access higher education.

Since 2020 we have been working to develop specialized training texts for these educational units, we have hired expert professionals in each specialty and have guided the teaching towards tangible products related to the productive, social, economic, and cultural context of each municipality.

These tasks that started small are becoming a fundamental line of work in the Beni region, because we have managed to contact some successful Bolivian professionals who are currently working on these texts, but they are also working on new ideas that will enable these schools to improve the competency profile of high schools students to have better skills for entrepreneurship and to access higher education.