Virtual Teacher Training in Times of Covid


Within the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 we persevered with strength and collaborated with the UGELs of the Cusco region to offer educational proposals that “promote complex thinking through authentic activities and social-emotional well-being”.  Through remote work, we interact to develop the different scheduled activities. With the experience of last year, many of the teachers already had a sense of how to manage the curriculum. However, despite the difficulty of managing the virtual platforms, coupled with the challenges of more senior teachers adapting, we trained hundreds of teachers from the provinces of Paruro and Quispicanchi. We appreciate the effort they put into overcoming obstacles and their interest in the different authentic strategies proposed by Alma Children’s Education, because they felt and saw that it was very helpful to enrich their plans. As such, they feel they can reach their students and parents more efficiently with their work. Although challenging, I felt that the path was widening and moments in which the path was adjusted, but at the forefront, we had teachers waiting for us with the desire to receive the different strategies that help to complement the programming of the “I learn at Home” program issued by the Ministry. The MINEDU (Ministry of Education) has within its aims and objectives of promoting complex thinking. However, they do not provide the tools to achieve this objective. Teachers, who are particularly involved, have been working hard and yet unable to yield impactful results due to an absence of guidance. Therefore, Alma Children’s has hired professionals in education, suitable in discerning the strategies proposed by Alma and who can carry out the process of accompanying teachers in preparing their learning sessions to help address this need for more concrete direction.



Project Manager, Peru