What about special education?

“What about special education?”

As we continue our teacher training in Peru and Bolivia, and as their respective Ministries of Education gain more and more confidence in Alma, we are receiving additional requests for add-ons and new proposals to address all issues in education. Problems like how to manage a virtual classroom, work with trade schools, create a stable emotional environment conducive to learning, and one of the most common: how to implement specific strategies for special education.

This year we took on two large projects writing an official curriculum for the Quispicanchi Province in Cusco, Peru, and the entire department of Beni, Bolivia for pre-school, primary, and secondary rural and urban schools. Nevertheless, it is clear that now and continuing in 2021, we need to understand and address the unique needs challenges that our students with special needs face and develop new pedagogic tools and models for teachers and families to support them.