While I was visiting the different projects in the Cusco region I was excited to visit the Karhuacalla Project because I wanted to meet one of the students there. Azumi is a 10 years old student attending the 5th grade at our Karhuacall Project. She is showing great aptitude in her classrooms. She is the youngest and has four older brothers.

I asked her how she felt about the Project, and she said: “I am very happy to attend and learn in a fun way with Alma, I really like how the teachers teach us through images so that we can make comparisons between negative and positive examples and be challenged and learn. I like learning here very much because our opinion is respected and also because we are bettering ourselves learning the topics taught in the classroom.”

I loved this answer. In our Alma programs, we create a participatory culture and do respect all of the opinions of our students to build confidence in their participation and ability. I believe and fully trust that Azumi will continue to learn and grow and be a force in her Karhuacalla community. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who keeps these projects going.