Be where your feet are

It’s been 23 project visits (and 10 flights) in 12 days. Because our projects are all in remote locations we have had long, long drives but those drives have given us the opportunity to have in-depth discussions about development work, education and the specifics of each project. Between the stimulating conversation and the emotional visits to projects themselves it’s often hard for me to appreciate that we are actually working in, and travelling through, spectacular, spiritual scenery. Today we went by the site where the Incas believed the four “amas” (literal translation for the word is “no”, as in the four creeds to NOT follow) came from. Every day I try to stop thinking for a minute, get out of the car, just take in the scenery and be where my feet are.

Below: Ian (our Program Director) and Octavio (our Project Manager) stop to take in the views this afternoon (October 29) on the drive back from Huaninpampa.